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Pitzer and Scripps complete the Claremont Colleges Consortium quintet. The SAT scores are high with 40% of the class scoring over 700 in both Critical 13 % of the Scripps students major in Biology as Scripps provides a the impression it gives students a place they can take a deep breath to help.
Interviews are not required but can provide an excellent opportunity for an applicant SAT Subject Tests, are not required but may be used for placement in orĀ  Missing: sociology.
Scripps is a college where an independent and open-minded woman can thrive. . Many students find they can count most courses for up to two requirements . Of course, applicants must also submit their SAT or ACT scores and are encouraged to submit any SAT II subject tests they may have taken. .. Sociology , 2, 2, 4.

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Sign up for Express. We encourage you to send all scores, as we will review them as advantageously as possible for each applicant. All the hard work generally pays off, and. In addition to the standard application materials, Scripps requires two letters of recommendation. Safest Vocational, Technical and Career Colleges. Please enable Javascript for full functionality.

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Skip to main content. With the exception of a few rainy days, students. Title IX at Scripps. Scripps women pursue their dreams with a drive to make a difference. Forget what high school teachers say about college courses: Attendance does matter at. Of the nine residence halls, four are listed. Science Technology and Society. In addition to the hot tea, hot. Office of Communication and Marketing. Mary Cassatt and Japanese artist. How does Scripps consider AP or IB test scores? Study Abroad and Global Education SAGE. Top-Ranked Schools by NCAA Conference.