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Your liberal arts major is just one of the building blocks of your future. Our graduates succeed in a broad array of careers—law, health care, medicine, business.
Find out what liberal arts are, the advantages and disadvantages of these majors, and steps to take to career success if you choose one.
Learn about Purdue University's College of Liberal Arts, a college focused on Liberal Arts Majors. Liberal Arts Core. Major, Program, Department. Advertising  ‎ Film and Video Studies · ‎ Economics · ‎ Sociology · ‎ Communication.

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I am a hijab-wearing Muslim woman——I was the only hijabi in the West Wing——and the Obama administration always made me feel welcome and included. What sparks your imagination? Michael Kerchner, associate professor of psychology at Washington College in Maryland explains that his school is a college of the liberal arts. Students start their working career with solid pre-professional preparation in their field as well as experience across a wide curriculum. Wouldn't you just want a calendar invite? Why America's Business Majors Are in Desperate Need of a Liberal-Arts Education. That year had marked the first Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation, a topic familiar to Plepler, who then decided—on the spot—to pitch to him a documentary film about the conflict. One of the benefits of a liberal arts education is the chance to explore multiple areas of interest. Yoni Appelbaum is a senior editor at The Atlanticwhere he oversees the Politics section. Search Penn State Accounts, Liberal Arts it majors.
Liberal Arts it majors