Optometry science subjects in college

Application ProcessPrerequisite Courses Application Requirements that you view our class statistics page, review the national statistics for Optometry and read.
To prepare for optometry school, take several science courses, including chemistry The program you apply to may also require you to take a course in physics.
Q: Can I apply to the School of Optometry and Vision Science directly if I am in my These prerequisite courses are very similar to prerequisites for Medicine or.
College of Podiatric Medicine. Must be completed at a regionally accredited U. Other Admission Requirements In addition to prerequisite coursework, all optometry schools will have additional requirements that you need to meet before applying. Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security. Foreign Language and International Trade. Optometrists also do testing to determine the patient's ability to focus and coordinate the eyes, and to judge depth and see colors accurately. Optometry science subjects in college