Holistic Health and Nutrition what is a college major

Many Holistic Health Studies courses can be taken to fulfill Segment II and III HH 530, Herbal and Nutritional Principles in Chinese Healing Note: Non- degree students apply through the College of Extended Learning.
Holistic Health information, related careers, and college programs. medicine, Western herbal medicine, biofeedback, stress management, nutrition, toxicity.
If you plan to attend a college or university to be trained in alternative Physiology and health, nutrition, physical medicine and pulse reading are other topics. Holistic Health and Nutrition what is a college major CLICK HERE TO ENROLL! General Requirements: Consult the requirements in the Segment III section of the Bulletin. Like us on Facebook. In order to view detailed job placement and graduation information on the programs offered by Huntington College of Health Sciences, please visit this website and click on Authorized Institutions Data. To become an ND, students must be trained in:. Holistic Health: Western Perspectives. Skip to main content.

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Foundations of Biofeedback and Self Regulation. The Special Major consists of a combination of courses that focus on an integrative and coherent theme identified by the student. For over a quarter of a century, Huntington College of Health Sciences has offered more than a conventional undergraduate or graduate nutrition education. This helps promote a healthy lifestyle as well as to prepare students for higher education and professional careers in the health industry. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL!