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Students interested in studying these fields may enter a marketing program that includes advertising courses in its curriculum as specific bachelor's degree.
Information relating to Advertising and Marketing Your course includes a real life advertising research project for an advertising, design or media.
Course Guides Common skills gained during a marketing degree include: the Communication Advertising and Marketing Foundation (CAM), and.

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Kingston University is rated the top most successful UK higher education institutions for graduate start-up companies Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey. Study or work abroad. Students can customize their degree program with a specialization in areas of interest including management and use of research, planning, analysis, consumer communication, business relations, and decision-making techniques. This module helps you further develop your employability skills to get the graduate job you want. The module links closely with Communicating Value: Marcomms Theory, enabling you to put into practice the theories studied. This is awarded regardless of household income.

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Students can choose to pursue a variety of options including a placement year, a consultancy project or a work-based dissertation. It focuses on the practical application of research evidence and on identifying and employing the most appropriate methods of investigation and analysis. Marketing graduate recognised in Top New Talent Awards. Applicants will also be required to have at least five GCSEs at grade C or above or the equivalent , including English and Maths. In the second year, this course explores concepts and processes such as buyer behaviour, market research and the application of advertising and marketing. Journalism, language and literature. Students will have the chance to learn how to conduct, transcribe and analyse semi-structured and open-ended interviews and other forms of text. Advertising and Marketing degree courses The assessment strategy is designed to address the intended learning outcomes of individual modules, and reflect progression through the various levels of the course. A Bachelor in Marketing Degree puts you in a strong position to pursue a rewarding career in marketing. The BA Hons Public Relations degree at Lincoln provides opportunities for students to learn a strategic approach to PR and benefit from an integrated multimedia approach to communications. It also gives you training and ideas for how to get the degree that you are hoping for. It focuses on current ways of working in business and the skills employers seek. In addition brand valuation and the use of web analytics will be considered. CAREERS IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT – BBM,MBA,Research Analyst,Business School,Recruiters,Salary Package