Sports Management junior college subjects

To prepare for a degree in the Sport Management program, students will take courses in Facilities Planning in Sports, Introduction to Sports Management, Sports.
Barton Community College's Sports Management curriculum is designed to provide the general education requirement and core courses for students who plan.
Prerequisite Courses for the Major, Sports Management.

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Follow us on Twitter. Students receive specific management training with respect to areas of finance, law, marketing, facility management, and sports personnel management. Curriculum focuses on sales promotion management, entertainment law, and sports psychology. An internship is required after the junior year. The curriculum assists students in gaining insight and understanding of what it takes to organize and manage athletic and sport facilities. As you can see, the best colleges for sports management are available in a variety of locations, settings, and access to important sports management career enhancing opportunities such as internships with professional sports teams.

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An internship in a sports organization blends theory with practice. Currently, two classes are offered: International Sports Management, and Sports Public Relations and Promotion Management. Students may also refer to the online A. Accounting Degree Program Business Entrepreneurship Degree Program Business Marketing Degree Program Finance Degree Program Human Resources Management Degree Program International Management Degree Program Management Degree Program Management Information Systems Degree Program Marketing Communications Degree Program Psychology Degree Program Real Estate Degree Program Sports Management Degree Program Back. Students learn management principles and concepts associated with operating sport and recreation facilities. Common careers in the field that have been secured by graduates of the program include sports marketing and promotions, ticket sales, public relations, sports information, event and facility management, sport agents, athletic directors, and sport governing bodies such as the NCAA and related athletic conferences. Meet the Admissions Staff. Sri Gayatri Junior College Top In Inter Results Degrees and Programs Undergraduate Degree Programs Allied Health. Faculty aligns the curriculum to focus attention on areas related to sports management. Career options for students with a degree in Sports Management include the area of professional sports, sports travel and tourism, venue management, and collegiate athletics. BOC Exam Pass Rate. Physical Education Teacher Certification. Areas of concentration and licensure within the Sports Management major include, club, Sports Management junior college subjects, fitness and recreation, coaching and instruction, marketing and promotions, collegiate and professional sport administration. Internships provide experience in the workforce and may be stepping-stones to a full time position within a company.
Sports Management junior college subjects