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General Studies is considered the ideal degree for students who are indecisive The biggest pro is that it's often considered a gateway degree that students.
Pro -School For Business Majors The College of Business (COB) is a professional school. You must meet eligibility Application Essay Questions. Pro -School General Business Option (online degree -seeking students only).
The applications for many colleges and universities allow students to specify an intended major, though this is not required – and not all.
One day, I will create my masterpiece, rich with the wisdom and artistry of three millennia, and offer it humbly to the classicists of the future. Beyond that, professors often end up being the best connections and mentors you may ever have. The College of Business COB is a professional school. Good writing is contagious. On the one hand, declaring can help you distinguish yourself. Are Colleges Doing Enough to Recruit Low-Income Students?

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Feedback from admissions Writing a strong college admissions essay Avoiding common admissions essay mistakes Brainstorming tips for your college essay How formal should the tone of your college essay be? Catholic Colleges and Universities. You have to factor in general inflation numbers in order to figure out the real significance. Luckily, a little online sleuthing or a phone call to the admission office might be all it takes to figure out how your colleges consider declared majors. Help for every topic under the sun.