Gunsmithing hardest major in college

First, I would suggest you not let money be a determining factor in what you study . My friend though it was funny. Fast forward about a month. He gets robbed at gun point by two guys in masks and he says the joke to them.
I've seen poetry majors with the most absurd requirements and projects and a doubt that Mechanical Engineering is the toughest major I've ever done. .. overgeneralizing people, but I'm going to have to stick with my guns.
What do you think are the hardest and easiest majors? Personally, Hardest: Math or some type of engineering - Majors - Easiest and Hardest. then men become the tools of other men. Blood, whips and guns or dollars." ×. Gunsmithing hardest major in college never never have I ever even heard of a class in grad school that's nearly as intense as undergrad EM except of course grad EM. Biochemistry is absurdly difficult, only because you are often tested on things that are better looked up anyway yup, good thing for two months I could draw the structure of every amino acid, that clearly made me a better scientist. Does BMO have drug tests for summer analysts prior to starting on the job? Are they easy or hard, or totally something different? What to do next. Hotelies are all interlinked. Caltech doesn't offer minors except one in Control and Dynamical Systems. Stuff Engineering Students DON'T Gunsmithing hardest major in college