Law and Justice Administration is computer science a good major for the future

I had a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. . is a degree in communication studies a good idea to get into law .. I like Criminal Justice, but the computer field is a growing field as well. . If you're going to be gambling on your future with an undergrad degree that you won't be happy with, then.
to it will in large part determine your future career path. However, before you can select an educational path, you need to have good Earning a degree in criminal justice will allow you to pursue a career in law enforcement. As will a degree in accounting, computer science, forensics, chemistry.
Master in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration: Colorado State Rehabilitation is a great major to obtain because people who work in this field help stop Master of Science (MS) in Forensic Psychology – Psychology & Legal Computers & Technology, Criminal Justice & Legal, Education & Teaching.

Law and Justice Administration is computer science a good major for the future - may wish

I am majoring in biochemistry and have extensive research experience and would be interested in patent law. But i am having a hard time finding the right college to apply for. These career paths include jobs like: You can find more potential careers here. It seemed like entertainment law was right around the corner for me since I enjoy dealing with contracts for my team but I feel like my future corporation will eventually engage in non-music related business affairs. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent. Hello, thanks for the input. Repeated course grades do not count toward your law school GPA. Weekly Address: Giving Every Student an Opportunity to Learn Through Computer Science For All