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If you aspire to be a graphic artist, consider enrolling in one of these top 10 online bachelor's degree programs in graphic design.
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A bachelor's degree is sufficient for most careers in graphic design. Many of today's undergraduates are choosing to earn their graphic design degree online. Best Free Graphics Design Software 2016-2017 Graphic Design best college degree 2017 Alfred University's School of Art and Design offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Expanded Media with a concentration in graphic design. Whether you pursue your studies on campus or online, the RMCAD faculty will work to help you achieve your career goals in art, design, technology, and art education. A Minor in Graphic Design is also on the menu. Image Source Realizing the emerging importance of design, West Virginia University offers its graphic design students a comprehensive program that focuses on social change and emerging technologies. Most students also use their senior year to work on a final portfolio project. In addition to general education courses, the curriculum will typically tackle the theory and practice of design.

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The goal of the graphics technology program is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of computer technology, multimedia technology, and design theory. Students learn each phase of the design process to ensure that the student is prepared for all outcomes in the professional world, while cultivating creative thinking and discipline. The program can be completed in five semesters and courses must be taken in the prescribed sequence. The program emphasizes web and digital design, and helps students develop their print design and illustration skills as well. The activities page provides links to assignments, discussions, and tests.

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