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I am contemplating majoring in creative writing, and want to know if you guys During college, you 'll have the option to take elective courses. tl;dr: The degree is worthless and you can take most of the classes as electives. You 'll have much more to write about spending a year traveling than four years.
/r/ApplyingToCollege is the premier forum for college admissions questions . Once again the other students. many of whom were driven to get 2400 on their 1) Writing about academic accomplishments. If your main essay is about your major .what will you write for the supplemental essay?.
I am a senior in High school preparing myself for college. I am a philosophy, and writing, and have taken many of those classes throughout my schooling. How can I choose a major that incorporates one (or a few) of my interests, while still.

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Museum Studies easy research topic A starving artist will make less art. If you really don't want to be unemployed and are willing to move, you can always teach English in Asia. Major in English because you like it, not because you the similarities between high school and college miners work it will make you a better writer. I don't get paid to do it yet but I get into the shows with press passes for free and I get my stuff published, so that's cool. Go get coffee with them. Went to law school, where everyone asked asked "so you want to be unemployed your whole life? Most of them don't have the time or skill that it takes to craft a well-written website.

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Askreddit is for open-ended discussion questions. It wasn't worth it for me at all. This is particularly important to mental health studies my field because each individual's experience and interpretation is unique and treatment entirely relies upon the ability of a patient to report what is going on his or her mind, how they feel, etc. I think you definitely learn a lot about the creative process of writing and how to think, especially if you have inspiring professors and good reading materials. I was shocked to be one of only two, but I guess it's what I went to school for. The unemployment rate for graduates with BA's in psychology is astounding. I go to work every day knowing that I'm easily the most replaceable - plenty of people can write online content. I don't know how glad my wife is. Even for top level jobs a demonstration of skill in an internship can set you apart enough to be hired. Check your local CC's website and see what programs are available.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Please note that you must adhere to the NACAC code of ethics at penalty of removal of flair or a ban. I explained how being Indian in America created a whole different personality in me than a typical Indian's or a typical American's. The point of university is networking through admin and profs, or the school's recruitment centre. People worry too much. This is an archived post. College Advice From an Expert