Engineering what is the hardest college major

Explore the top 10 easiest and hardest majors of 2017 to see if one interests you. The inclusion of mechanical engineering among the hardest college majors.
Welcome to the hardest major in school. Engineers know that great software can mean the world of difference, so check out all the amazing.
career salary growth and job opportunities, these college majors are 1, biomedical engineering is the major that is most worth your tuition.

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Will your friends agree? Three that are commonly pointed to as being among the most difficult are medicine, engineering, and architecture. Phoenix , what did you change your major to, if you don't mind my asking? Much of programming involves figuring out what some other bonehead did. Expert opinions on the college admissions process! Sadly, an error occured while sending your feedback. Okay, so the reason I ask this question is because it comes up a lot when talking to different engineering majors at my school.

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EDUCATION TOP T Skip to main content. I omitted Software Engineering because I don't really know. That means we have class homework and lab homework. Find all posts by Urban Ranger. Things like mechanical, chemical, and especially electrical are so easy I would not even call them an engineering degree.
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Women in Engineering Panel: Surviving Difficult Engineering Classes FWIW, I'm in comp eng. The prof was wonderful and explained everything. I switched out of the EE program because I like electronics and computers, but I found out the hard way I don't want to make and research them for a living. Not to limit this to just engineers, how about within other areas, like the sciences? We didn't have an undergrad CS degree. Hearing your friends complain about their study schedule while secretly wishing you had such a small workload. I don't want an EE degree or to make a living at it.