Gunsmithing college general ed subjects

Established in Lassen Community College Gunsmithing is the oldest We offer Associate in Science Degrees in Firearms Repair and General Gunsmithing, and two week NRA Short Term Gunsmithing Courses during the Summer.
Gunsmithing AAS Degree —73 credit hours. Required General Education courses. MAT 107 or above. 3. English 115, or 121. 3. Nine credit hours from the.
Course work includes manufacturing of tools used in the gunsmithing trade, restoration of 6 semester hours of general education ; 3 semester hours must be in. A few select schools also offer courses in business and marketing to help students set up their own gunshops. Naturally, amongst those possibilities would be the usual sorts of job descriptions, including a gunsmith working in a firearms factory, or the tasks performed by a gunsmith working at a sporting goods retailer. Finally, it is important to remember that the regulations surrounding other aspects of Gunsmithing college general ed subjects vary by local and state. The varied types of courses ensures that students complete a well-rounded education, preparing for any number of careers after graduation. Single Moms Guide to Online Education. After enjoying a class, you may find yourself minoring or even majoring in a topic you would have never considered. How to Become a Lawyer. Gunsmithing college general ed subjects