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Enrolling in these two, 2- credit courses —or any two museum studies active learning weekend courses —in place of a 4 - credit course may count towards earning.
Introduction to Museum Studies ; Proseminar: Writing Skills for Museum Studies Scholars and The admission courses must be 4 - credit, graduate-level courses.
Core Courses Full Course List Core Courses Museum Studies Curriculum To complete the (Note: Tuition credits cannot be used for classes taken outside GW.). We're writing mission and vision statements today. Through case studies, lectures, discussions, and readings, students will explore international heritage policy as structured by the institutional complex UNESCO, ICOMOS, International Center for the Study of Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property ICCROMInternational Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources IUCNthe World Bank, and the World Monuments Fund and consider both its local and global impact. Priority for enrollment in this section is given to juniors and seniors registering before the start of the fall semester. We will discuss the relevant topics in creating a physical museum space, such as developing a museum program, planning the visitor experience, Museum Studies 4 credit courses, developing wayfinding systems, building a green museum, and incorporating technology in the initial plan. Students will be able to identify issues from hypotheticals and relevant legal concerns and resources. In order to complete the MA students must also satisfactorily complete the Museum Studies comprehensive exams and fulfill the Graduate Writing Requirement. Early Modern European Studies. NYU MA in Museum Studies

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English buy essays online Contact Museum Studies Program. Provides practical experience in program development, facilitation, documentation and assessment. Tuition Bill Payments Scholarship Search. The study of museums mirrors this multiplicity. A broad introduction to the museum world, focusing on what a museum is, what differentiates various types of museums, and how museums function. Students spend much of the semester working together in small teams, collaboratively producing a comprehensive exhibition project as they walk through the practical steps in exhibition development and design.
Museum Studies 4 credit courses The first half of the course develops a framework for museum literacy how to read museums that incorporates anthropological, globalization, media and critical theories. National Museum, the Jewish Museum, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Museum Studies 4 credit courses. Students will explore case studies, talk with leading museum social media practitioners, and develop social media strategies to meet specific museum objectives. The course focuses on visitor-centered interpretive design and is applicable to a wide range of institutions. In addition to understanding the core functional areas of these museums students will analyze the complex social role of cultural institutions which are devoted to the living world.
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