Dentistry check for plagiarism in my essay

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essay plagiarism . I was accused of copying about 60% of my paper. to write their personal statements for med, dental, and pharm school. . All I am wondering is whether or not they check because I do know some people. Dentistry check for plagiarism in my essay Indian J Endocrinol Metab. Save money, avoid long-term subscriptions. Thus, every young author tries to learn how to write or present an article or research work in his own words by following the rules of good scientific writing. Conflict of Interest: None declared. When the manuscript passes from the reviewers to the editors without identifying the copied text or ideas, the editor of the journal should finalize the fate of the article based on the extent of plagiarism by using powerful plagiarism detection software. Plagiarism Definition The word plagiarism is derived from Latin. Please review our privacy policy. Copy Everything Without Plagiarism!!!