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Humanities Distribution (HUMD). You canfulfill the General Education HUMANITIES requirement by taking any of the following English courses: ENGL Missing: paper.
Volume 53 • Students who plan to graduate from Montgomery College Some courses require that students purchase additional supplies or puter technology and paper resources provide Humanities Distribution (HUMD).
HUMD -Humanities NSLD-Nat. Sci. with Lab NSND-Nat. Students read basic texts for class discussion and prepare papers in areas with special appeal to themselves. (HUMD [M]) .. Buying behavior and targeting markets are emphasized. One hour each week. Emphasis placed on affixes, roots, contextual clues, lexical training, and phonic and structural analyses of words. Real projects are examined and solutions explored, resulting in appropriate decisions, relative to design and product selection and placement. The course involves museology issues, discussions of assigned field trips, appropriate readings, and the keeping of a journal. Students will investigate five areas: types of reading, assessment, reading skills, reading instruction, and motivation for reading. Topics include the Washington-Du Bois debate, African American contributions to the world wars, the Harlem Renaissance, the struggle for equality, and strategies for continued economic, political, and social progress.
humd subjects montgomery college buy paper Suspense: After Dinner Story / Statement of Employee Henry Wilson / Cabin B-13