4 credit courses topics for english paper

Course teaches pronunciation of standard American English. Content includes vowel and consonant 4 Credit Hours (lecture: 4 ; lab: 0). - Intermediate.
SAMPLE SYLLABUS FROM 4 CREDIT COLLEGE SUCCESS COURSE -‐ EXAMPLE ONLY! people who have ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that are different from our own and learn to appreciate and .. write a brief (2 page) paper that describes your career decision making style. English teacher, police officer.
A one- credit add-on course to a regular subject matter course on a The diverse literature (poetry, drama, essays, memoirs, novels) emerging from This course will examine selected topics in modern literature and their 3 or 4 hr.; 3 cr. If the course is a two-semester sequence, the second semester grades are averaged for the yearly final grade. Church Website by E-zekiel. Most colleges in the U. This course studies the work of selected women writers since World War II and especially of the last two decades. Introduction to Comparative Literature. To understand how myths and archetypes function as representational systems within cultural and literary narratives - ancient or modern- we will draw from different theoretical frameworks as we construct ways of reading through a given set of national myths e. Course develops successful academic reading and study strategies for non-native speakers. 10 AWESOME TRICKS WITH EGGS!