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A primary source provides direct or firsthand evidence about an event, object, person, or work of art. Primary sources include historical and legal documents.
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The completed BA is an entry qualification for the PGDipArts in the major subject of the degree. Science in the Environment. Where Does It Hurt?. Exam marking and analysis. Some users may find that they are unable to download batches of past papers to their device - especially Android, iPhone and iPad users. Some archival materials are published and available in print or online. Course advising and support. Ira Singhal (IAS Rank-1) on Optional Subject Selection & Pre Cum Mains Preparation
Defines the learning outcomes what the learner will be able to do, or explain, or demonstrate, or understand, etcas well as the assessment criteria. Changes to titles of qualifications. Skip to main page content Skip to secondary navigation Skip to summary access keys list. NCEA exams and portfolios. View Low Graphics Version. Course advising and support.