Civil Engineering is psychology a good major

This is because employers realize that a degree in engineering indicates an unusually broad and useful skillset. To get a sense of this, read my.
Not sure what to do next after your engineering degree? All civil engineers need a good knowledge of design and construction methods as . philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, chemistry, economics and physics.
Mathematics provides a great preparation for a variety of jobs, and in the current job market many employers This Forbes list of "Most Valuable Majors " shows that engineering and math are rated at the top. Psychology Civil Engineer, 71.

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One of my friends from college was actually able to get an internship under the governor of the state even though she was an English major. Be careful about entry-level masters programs. As a wiser woman than me once remarked:. What about a person's core personality strengths? The are also unlikely to have the background in math or science. Social Work Degrees Online. Real Research in Unexpected Places — Backyards, Barns, Bayous. They usually did fine because they had extensive experience with physical systems and really wanted to know the theoretical underpinnings. That sounds pretty good to me. The "college is too late" idea is more of an empirical answer than a hard and fast rule. Going back for another undergrad does work for some people. Your unwillingness to embrace that is indicative of your own lack of imagination.

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HOLISTIC HEALTH AND NUTRITION SUBJECTS TO STUDY LAW I have a technical mind, but a strong oritentation towards people. Unless you want a job that has specific licenses or certifications, you are done with school. What Does it Mean to Study Civil Engineering? This can set you up nicely for jobs that can be very interesting. Reading this article gives me some relief that I've chosen the right degree.
A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT COLLEGE KIDS AND FEAR THEN THE SUBJECTS KILLED BY THEIR FEAR ESSAY WRITING FORMA Now, I'm not saying follow your passion blindly. I moved away for school, piled up debt, got a job in the industry I was chasing, etc. All posts copyright their original authors. But it's also true that math is a huge filter, and by the time one enters university it's probably too late to overcome that limitation, if you have it. Unfortunately, a degree doesn't always translate into a career. Think about that: What exactly do you want to do with a degree in Psychology?
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Civil Engineering is psychology a good major