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Contain three or more links to other sites. Repeat I connect the dots between the economy and business decisions. At one time, any college degree was a ticket to success. under their hats, even art majors can have a good shot at landing a job. Write up a three-page summary that is well organized.
Hardest: The engineering majors (and probably also the business). in grammar and writing will think that being an English major is the hardest thing in the world. math*, I would think ivy engineers are pretty darn good at writing papers. . Welcome to the leading college-bound community on the Web!.
I was a business major due to my father's wishes, and failed almost every class. Be prepared to write a lot, and become your own best editor. You will need to work harder than you can probably imagine, because the path from point A to point B -Jessica Dayhoff, English Education, Web Optimization. Pursuing a business degree with the tunnel vision of obtaining a job is no different from pursuing any other major with the same tunnel vision of obtaining a job. I was hired after business school and immediately, the manager had tasked me to conduct several analysis of their existing programs. A central point of discussion was how they wished they would get more liberal arts majors applying, and less business majors, as the job market thought the former had more creativity and broader thinking skills. Second, someone who dabbles in math seems like someone who is bursting with confidence and quantitative brilliance. If it's what you want, don't listen to naysayers. I think it basically comes back to majoring in something you enjoy. hardest business majors best english writing website
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