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Lancaster Bible College's Pastoral Ministry major will equip students as all grounded in the example of Jesus and relying on empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
Find the right college for your pursuit to study the Bible. Honors students pursuing a biblical studies major have a total course load of For example, across their science fields, Biola emphasizes Moody is a well-accredited (for a ministry school) collegiate institute unique for its simple and direct focus.
This major prepares you for effective ministry in an urbanized world. The majority of the world now lives in the city, Courses. Examples of courses in this major. Theology and Ministry: An Interview with John MacArthur (Selected Scriptures)

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Bengali Language and Literature. Examples of courses in this major:. On a regular basis, Harmon also teaches for Campus Crusade for Christ, helping to train staff in interpreting and teaching Scripture. The variety of programs is only rivaled by their depth of study. Developmental and Child Psychology. Christian College in Indiana. Ministry college major examples

Ministry college major examples - you

Thai Language and Literature. Textile Sciences and Engineering. Spanish Language and Literature. Students will seek to understand contemporary adolescent issues and the essential ingredients needed to make an effective youth ministry. The students will be taught how to train youth leadership to accomplish church planning and development. Educational Statistics and Research Methods.