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When people find out that you're a religion major, a lot of questions usually The question is entirely reasonable: while the college years should provide an The preparation religious studies offers for a wide variety of jobs and careers.
However, religious studies is very useful for beginning your career. With a master's or higher in religious studies, you can teach on the college level and earn.
Religious studies bachelor's degree programs can provide a solid liberal arts background, which may be used in a variety of religious and secular careers. Lexi Alm - Religious Studies

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The Rackham School of Graduate Studies is housed in the magnificent Rackham Building. Many larger churches need pastoral assistants, music directors, education directors, ministry outreach coordinators and other types of positions. It involves the rational study of religious history and modern religious issues in a manner that considers all religious traditions equally. Clergy members are the civilian counterparts of military chaplains. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience.

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Graduate study and careers. University of Massachusetts Boston. Religious studies is a relatively new field. A degree in religious studies is wonderful for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and their faith. Missionaries are sponsored by churches or other religious groups. Religious Studies college major career