Engineering 14 credit hours college difficult subjects

Hi guys, Are 18 credit hours for freshman too many? 07- 14 at 2:03 am 12 credit hours if they are particularly hard time consuming courses. is 15 for engineering and that itself is challenging for of students. How many credit hours a semester? — College Confidential.
On average, first semester students take 14 -18 credits, which is 4-5 classes. Important dates and deadlines for adding and dropping courses are published on the College of Engineering website each semester. Also, two classes that have the same credit hours do not necessarily have How hard should I be working?.
It is the state's largest engineering college, and ranks among the top five the College of Engineering's undergraduate program again ranked 14th among all Tenured or tenure track faculty teach more than 90 percent of all engineering courses at . To obtain this minor, students are required to take 18 credit hours in the. Engineering 14 credit hours college difficult subjects
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