Physics most challenging majors

I understand it is very, very difficult and it will only get more difficult for me. But as Physics majors, on the other hand, end up all over the placeĀ  Hardest engineerning major?.
Although " hardest major " rankings may be fairly subjective, new survey data suggest physics majors have the 2nd most demanding major.
The more of them there are, the louder the complaining. Physics is probably considered the hardest major, though from what I've seen.

Physics most challenging majors - Submitted

The older and more mature I become though, the harder this "college should not be treated as a vocational education" is to justify to myself. Students at Harvard are top of their class and help to create a strong academic environment. I say all of this, mind you, as someone who still works in the field and generally sort of enjoys it, but I consider myself quite lucky. Friends who will mock you mercilessly for thinking Friday night is an appropriate time for problem sets. This could certainly hurt physics students in the job market where employers value effective communication and presentation skills. It's become a depressing field, in my opinion, and the benefits down the road are beginning to be outweighed by risks and sacrifices demanded by narcissistic professors, university politics, and the publish-or-perish culture. Question: As a Computer Science Major Should I do Math or Physics as a Second Major? Find More Posts by Complexity. Some may enjoy course xy, others may enjoy course yx, but either way, choose a major you like: it won't feel like work! If a program is a poor program, Physics most challenging majors, then its difficulty factor is greatly multiplied. A degree in physics allows you to understand the natural world through mathematical equations and experimentation. I am smart, I won't deny that, but I don't think I would have the same success in another field as I've had so far.
Physics most challenging majors