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He joked, “So, do theology majors ever get jobs? college [See Julie Rubio's post on the high cost of colleges ] One can major in theology and earn money, but, often, those that want to pursue jobs or school in theology do so without of the best examples of what one can do with a theology degree: ruin.
For those students who are interested in studying religion, a degree in Theology is the perfect choice. Having the opportunity to not only gain a college education.
Take a look at what jobs, internships and courses you can do with a degree in theology Studying theology and religious studies allows you to explore how religious schools, colleges and universities (for teaching and research positions);. Theology best careers to pursue in college Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The World

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Let the unchanging Scriptures, not pop philosophy and ever-changing opinion, guide your thought, and you will find yourself truly qualified to train great minds in the intricacies of theology. In these positions, they are able to teach several classes per semester in such areas as Religious History, Christian Education, Philosophy of Religion and other areas. United States Minor Outlying Islands. Whether you plan further graduate studies, a career in religious studies or theology, or entering the conventional. Studying theology and religious studies allows you to explore how religious beliefs and practices shape and influence the world we live in Job options Jobs directly related to your degree include: Further education teacher Higher education lecturer Primary school teacher Secondary school teacher Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Advice worker Archivist Charity officer Civil Service administrator Community development worker Editorial assistant Newspaper journalist Social worker Youth worker Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.
Crime Scene Investigation CSI. Religious studies graduates should understand the perspectives of all the major religions and, as such, are often great empathisers, an increasingly valuable attribute in today's world. All community relations, financial obligations, and member contentions stop at his desk. Vatel USA - Hospitality Management. Theology and religious studies Author On this page Job options Work experience Typical employers Skills for your CV Further study What do theology and religious studies graduates do?